We live in a world that has very little security left, and your financial security has went the way of all the other kinds today.

Many Swiss banks will no longer accept US citizens or residents as clients – and, even if they do, their vaunted banking secrecy is as full of holes as Swiss cheese. Other offshore financial centers are daily caving into the outrageous demands of the OECD, IRS, and other agencies around the world from governments hooked on overspending and high taxes. Privacy in the “first world” countries has in many instances become a joke.

To make matters worse, in many countries you have shyster lawyers running amok. They troll the extensive databases maintained by credit reporting and other agencies looking for ripe plums to pick. They are looking for “easy targets” with wads of cash that they can “legally” steal.

Maybe they will send someone to slip on your floor or even the sidewalk out front. Others will send in “job applicants” whose only “job” is working for the lawyer to see if they can make a discrimination or other complaint to steal millions from your business.

Then, there are ever escalating bank failures, the potential collapse of fiat currencies, estranged ex spouses looking to give you the shaft while they pan for gold in your wallet……

The list of predators trawling for your money, home, business, etc. just goes on and on.

If you haven’t done your homework and make preparations to repel these predators, then you are a sitting duck just waiting to have your feathers plucked and roasted on a spit for dinner.

What you have to do, then, is to make yourself a “hard target,” so that when the predators come hunting for gold at your door, you have nothing to give them.

The super rich like the Rockefellers, Kennedy’s, etc., learned these lessons very well. Many times, they pay no taxes and don’t even own the shirts on their backs, let alone anything else!

For generations, they have learned to arrange their affairs so that they are fully insulated from the problems mentioned above, and others. What you need to do is to make yourself equally unassailable.

Depending on how much you have to shelter, and your personal and business situation, your task will either be easy or complicated. But, in today’s shark infested waters, you can’t afford to be asleep at the switch. You mush be alert and proactive. Otherwise, someone else may run off with your hard earned money!

At Global Financial Security, we are here to help our clients navigate these waters. We provide you with the tools you need to keep ahead of the game.

Read this and our other related websites carefully, and then you can begin to see the GFS difference.

We are a fully authorized private financial institution as well as an offshore service provider. We can tailor make your plans to suit your individual situation. We look forward to serving your needs and securing your Global Financial Security!