Now, you can have a professional structure for asset protection at a fraction of the normal cost.


Americans have been placed in a really tough position by their government’s continued outrageous conduct. However, with a clever combination of already existing domestic structures with an offshore structure, you can have the best of both worlds.


Most lawyers don’t know how to properly use the available structures to accomplish both asset protection as well as tax benefits.


For example, there is one domestic structure that a smart lawyer on the opposing side will not sue, and if he or she is so clueless that they actually DO file suite, just send one simple letter about their incompetent and contingent personal liability that they will run the other way with their tails between their legs. It informs them that not only will their client get NOTHING, but that their client can charge them with professional misconduct and get them disbarred! And this works 100% of the time!


There is another structure that can get your taxes down to almost zero…..


But you can only get this all IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING.


Your ordinary, garden variety local lawyer is totally clueless about all of this.


We provide custom made solutions – NOT a one size fits all approach.


For this level of service you would expect to pay upwards of $50,000.00, and it probably would still not be right!


Because we are located offshore, you can be assured that your records are secure. We can provide you with the BEST service available, but we are picky about who we do business with. If you are a criminal or tax evader we won’t help you. We believe that there are plenty of legal ways to AVOID taxes and there is no good reason to EVADE them at all. There are also plenty of choices in asset protection. So you need to have gotten your money through honest ways. We will not touch any clients who are criminals.


We are also not one of these “one size fits all” document mills. We don’t work that way. We produce a solution custom tailored to your own needs and situation. We also won’t charge you the large fees you would normally pay – but don’t expect our solutions to be just a few thousand dollars either.


So, if you are ready to step up to a whole new world of asset protection you never knew existed, get started today by filling out a helpdesk ticket and we will get back with you in 2 business days.



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