At the present moment, this Mastercard is not available.  However, if you wish to have an anonymous debit card for out exchange of Bitcoin or other e-currency, we have a European debit card Visa available.

At times we come across cards with limited distribution that can’t be publicly advertised.  Some of these are real good deals but are only open for a short time.  Please send us a Helpdesk ticket if this would interest you, and if a card is currently available, we will email details.  If no card is open at this time, we will place you on a waiting list.

We are looking constantly for a permanent solution, but as the banksters don’t like Bitcoin or the e-currency business because of the competition, these programs are not stable and come and go, or are private as described above.

However, there are other ways to receive the proceeds from your e-currencies, such as Money Gram, Western Union, or bank wire.

Another service we can provides is that we can issue a credit to your existing Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card, depending on the issuing bank.  Normally, these transactions are limited to about $500.00/day, but this is a good service to have as an emergency plan.


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