Donations to The Ambassador International Cultural Foundation

The AICF has many projects in the works in various fields to help improve the human condition.

Here is a partial list of worthy projects you can help support:

  • Research into alternative energy

  • Research into alternative health

  • Funding of real world projects based on the above research, such as alternative health clinics, alternative energy devices, etc.

  • The founding of Ambassador University to facilitate our research. We will have courses in the above areas of study in addition to providing a venue for onsite research on our campus

  • Building and development fund for the University

  • Research and study into permaculture and intentional communities. We plan to create an intentional community associated with the University to support and facilitate projects

  • Support for community development around the world

  • Creation of distance learning courses through the internet

  • Support for various projects around the world, such as archaeological digs, alternative scientific research, community development, instruction in permaculture, etc.

  • If you want to donate the seed money for a particular area of study or research, or for the creation of a particular course of study, endowments for specific chairs, etc., please contact us with what you have in mind.

  • Micro loans to help people living in poverty to start their own business. Initially, we are targeting indigenous peoples living in Costa Rica, through other organizations onsite who have the expertise and connections to make this work successfully. These loans will be administered through our Financial Services Company, Global Financial Security, on behalf of the Foundation, as GFS is a fully authorized financial institution under New Zealand law.

  • Some other project you would like to start and support with your gift/grant/endowment.

Types of gifts: We have three main types of gifts:

  1. Foundation grant.

  2. Endowments

  3. Special Grants, where an offshore company is formed to which the foundation loans money. You are then hired as a consultant to the company to manage the loan, paying the Foundation 15-18%/ year on the loan for 20 years, or other terms as agreed. This type of grant requires a set up fee of $3000.00, payable to Global Financial, Ltd., for loan origination and servicing on behalf of the AICF. The first year’s interest is paid in advance. Each year’s interest is thereafter due on the anniversary of the original loan, payable in advance.


1. Gift to Charitable Foundation

2. Foundation either makes an outright loan to IBC i.e. 15% – 18% interest only for twenty years (for example) or it can invest in stock in the IBC for annual dividends. These loans are generally payable monthly, and administered through Global Financial, Ltd., as it is our Foundation’s own private banking company

3. IBC makes the agreed upon payments to Foundation to enable it to fulfill its mission.


* Nothing comes back to you – true gift – independent.

* Foundation is the focal point – not IBC.

* IBC gets working capital.

* Foundation gets income to fulfill its mission.


* IBC must pay Foundation a small % each year.

Individuals may choose to give donations to the Foundation. These donations will not be tax deductible, but will be valid and lawful all the same. In the United States, an individual can give up to $10,000 a year to anyone they like without any tax consequences to either the donor or the receiver, and without having to make any declarations.

Now it is at this point that this system becomes a useful vehicle to protect assets and reduce taxes. Let’s say an individual chooses to donate some money to this foundation. We will refer to this person as the Donor. The funds from such a donation must be used by the council of the foundation to further the interests of the Charitable Beneficiary. The Donor has no say in what is done with the donation, nor how the foundation is managed.

What happens next is the council will choose to invest some of the funds donated by the Donor by establishing an offshore company to further the business interests of the foundation, and will appoint the Donor to some position of authority in the company. The rest of the funds will be deposited into interest bearing or profit generating accounts for the benefit of the foundation.

The Donor is now the Asset Manager of an offshore company. The Donor is not the council of a foundation, nor the Beneficiary of a foundation. The Donor also does not own the offshore company, nor is the Donor a Director or President or other officer of the offshore company. The Donor is only a humble employee. An employee who happens to have complete and total control over all the assets that are held by the offshore company. Although the charitable foundation technically owns the offshore company, the foundation does not have any control over the assets of the company.

Because of this structure the Donor will not have to make any declarations to the IRS or any other organization. The Donor will have achieved true asset protection, virtually total tax reduction, and an unequaled level of privacy. A Letter of Opinion supporting all the above statements will be issued by a respected United States law firm to the Donor to further protect the Donor from any negative consequences.

The end result: The charitable foundation is a legitimate offshore charitable foundation organized and operated for the benefit of a legitimate charitable purpose; the Donor makes a donation to the foundation and becomes an employee of a wholly owned offshore subsidiary of the foundation. The Donor will have virtually unlimited control over the offshore company even though the Donor will not have control over the foundation, and will not own the company in question. All that is required is that the investment by the foundation in the offshore company provide reasonable returns for the benefit of the foundation in the form of dividends. Any assets placed into the offshore company, if properly transferred, will be safe from creditors. Any and all income earned by the company will be free of taxes unless such company operates a business in a taxable jurisdiction. Only income tax on the salary actually paid to the Donor will be due. This will be determined by the Donor.

The Donor can benefit in many ways from being a humble employee of the company. The company may choose to fly him and his family to various locations to further the company’s business interests. The company may choose to provide scholarships to worthy children looking to go to college; children of the Donor perhaps. The company may even establish various retirement programs which transfer funds into various types of pension programs for the employees. But underneath all this is the fact that the foundation is providing a valuable charitable purpose, and the offshore company is a legitimate operation independent from the Donor.

Remember, the charitable foundation is not established for the benefit of the Donor. The charitable foundation has been in existence long before the Donor comes into contact with it. The charitable foundation receives many donations from many Donors creating a series of legitimate companies that are all operated by a separate Donor. In this way the structure is more viable since it is spreading the cost of operating and supporting the foundation over many companies. This should be obvious as the entire goal and purpose of the foundation is to raise funds for a charitable beneficiary. The more companies contributing, the more successful the purpose.

To get started, simply fill out a helpdesk ticket outlining your proposal and we will get back with you.

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