Your Global Banking Account has many capabilities that put it way ahead of your typical bank account. We will mention some of the features and the related service charges below.

We are sure that you will agree that if you are conducting a global business online, this is the type of account you really need and can use. You can maintain your Global Banking account in USD, EUR, gold, and silver.  Here are some of what you can do and the related charges.

  • Many ways to collect money from your customers: 1. E-currencies (7% conversion charge out of funds received). NOTE: You will need to have your own account in whichever e-currencies you want to accept from your customers.  Then our sister company,, will be able to do the exchange service for you from there.  We support Liberty Reserve, Technocash, and Pecunix, with more coming soon. These are the best.
  • Fast conversion into your Global Banking Account, usually 1-2 business days., 2. In Australia and New Zealand, we can take online banking payments, * 3. Cash deposits at Australia Post, 4. Wire transfers in US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, and Australian dollars. 5. Full Multi currency capabilities. You can carry your account in USD, EUROS, gold and silver. Please note that in order to pay you through our secure online system, your customer will have to establish a relationship with or one of our other exchangers, open up an account in our system, and once their money arrives in the account they can then transfer it anonymously to you.
  • Many options for you to issue payments from your account: 1. Wire transfer in the major currency of your choice ($60.00), 2. Sending of a US check drawn on a US bank and mailed from within the US for faster receipt ($10.00), 3. Withdrawal into the e-currency of your choice (Pecunix, Liberty Reserve, and Technocash), usually 7%, depending on market rates, 4. sending of an internet banking payment in Australia and New Zealand ($10.00 charged in the respective currency), 5. Sending of payments to various countries, such as Brazil, China, The Philippines, etc. Please contact us for a complete list. Charges and procedures vary by country. Please note that all withdrawals attract a service charge of 5% in addition to the payment option charge above[except to another e-currency, which will be charged at the exchange rate to that e-currency, which is usually 7%. Also note that we only charge whatever it costs us to make a deposit, except for e-currency deposits as noted above.
  • Your account is kept in the system for your safety and protection.
  • Simplified application procedures. Your registration with the exchanger of your choice is all that is needed.  You then need to make a $50.00 opening deposit, of which $45.00 is deposited into your new account, and $5.00 buys you 100 usage tokens in the system.  Once your account is open, only you have access to it.  It is a totally private account!
  • You will need to have your exchanger account with for at least 6 months of satisfactory operation in order for us to accept internet banking transfers on your behalf, or Billpay transfers in Australia.  Other exchangers have their own policies and deposit and payment options.
  • An easy to use shopping cart interface [SCI] to accept customer payments in an automated way
  • A Mass Pay function so that you can easily pay your affiliates, distributors and staff around the world.  And they can easily transfer their payments to a convenient Visa debit card for ultimate convenience [we can make transfers to our own card or the STP card without going through STP, and we will soon be supporting a fantastic THIRD card program!  Plus we can send US checks as well as generate electronic payments to many countries around the world.  When you figure in our other exchangers, you can receive payments in an ever growing list of countries!] NOTE: If you want to pay your affiliates, etc. through our Global Banking account, then you can open the account for them, and we will waive the minimum opening balance and you can either pay us the $5.00 usage token charge for them at the time of opening, or they can buy their initial tokens from when they are ready to use the account.