NOTE: It has come to our attention that some lottery scammers are presenting this as their website.  Please be advised that this IS NOT their website and they are not authorize to link to us.   We have no knowledge of them and we suggest you do not send these scammers money.  We will not waste our time answering tickets claiming their fraudulent “prizes.”  You have been warned.


Global Financial Security is a worldwide leader in offshore banking services.

We have broken with the past and it’s old solutions that no longer work. We are now a Bitcoin and e-currency based service so that we can continue to provide you with the anonymity you deserve.

However, as you know, Bitcoin is NOT completely anonymous, so if you are concerned about your anonymity, we suggest you open one of our Global Banking Accounts. The account has a Bitcoin wallet that will guarantee your anonymity.

We also have innovative investment choices. Most are real world investments that we can only offer via Bitcoin. We do not require identification and you can invest either through Bitcoin or Perfect Money. Stay tuned for more innoative products and services to come.

We offer offshore banking and other services to our members.  We have more flexibility than banks, so we can serve you better. 

Let us put our years of experience to work for you, and watch your money grow!

You may contact us by filling out a ticket at our Helpdesk system, which you can find by clicking the link above.